The naming of many early Edmonton neighbourhoods tended to honour European men, but Idylwylde is unique. A Welsh word, originating from the word 'idyll', which refers to a short poem which describes a picturesque scene or incident, especially in rustic life. It also defines as 'an extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque episode or scene, typically an idealized or unsustainable one': the rural idyll remains strongly evocative in most industrialized societies. Idylwylde is perhaps aptly named.

By 1913, it had amalgamated into the City of Edmonton along with Strathcona. The next stage of re-development came in the 1950′s, when many homes were built in the newly sub-divided area. Today, Idylwylde has less green space than most Edmonton neighbourhoods, and awaits its next stage of re-development.Vimy Ridge Academy, Edmonton School of Ballet, and the Bonnie Doon Rec. Centre are a few of its current well-known establishments.

In 2013, Idylwylde will have reached 100 years as part of the City of Edmonton! How shall we celebrate and mark this occasion?

(It is unfortunate that a fire long ago destroyed many local records in Strathcona. A few photos of our area from the 1950′s are hanging at Tony Roma's in Bonnie Doon Mall.)