Idylwylde Hall

Idywylde Hall is located at 8631 81 Street NW, Edmonton. Built in 1953, it is a league-owned building, but located on land owned by the City of Edmonton - as is the case for most leagues. The Tripartite License Agreement governs how we can use the space. Our licensed area covers the Hall building and the rink and garden area (to the south), but not the Idylwylde Park (to the north).

Hall Rental

The League Hall is used primarily for League activities to benefit the whole community. If you have an idea to use the hall or rink to run a class, event or gathering as a league activity open to all members, please get in touch We are also open to longer-term rental opportunities in partnership with non-profit organizations (see Bonnie Doon playschool below). At this time, we aren’t booking the hall for one-off, commercial, or private rentals.

Bonnie Doon Play School

Since 2019, Idylwylde Hall has been the host site of the non-profit Bonnie Doon Play School. This relationship has been a positive one for the hall, animating our space during the daytime hours when it is usually empty, generating some long term rental income to keep our League afloat, and creating an educational opportunity that may appeal to local families.