Cheery Tomato Community Garden

The Cheery Tomato Community Garden

This garden is located on League grounds alongside the hockey rink and across the street from the Bonnie Doon Leisure Centre & Tennis Courts. With a small playground close by for young children, it is a nice relaxing spot to garden, visit with passers-by and enjoy the outdoors.

(Phase 1) was constructed in May 2012, with 5 more beds added in September 2016, which nearly doubled the growing space.

In 2015, the decision was made to 'grow as a group'. This means garden beds are planted, maintained and harvested as a group, rather than having individual spots. The result has allowed for an all-around success and the watering work (via on-site hose) is evenly shared.

If you are interested in joining the garden group, please contact us - we aim to include all levels of gardening ability and agility.

General information

  • Location of Garden: 8631 - 81 St.
  • Number of Plots: 12
  • Plot Sizes: 4'x 8' L-shaped beds
  • Participant criteria: Must be a Community League member
  • Gardening Style: Raised bed
  • Fertilizer / Pesticide use: Organic gardening only
  • Fees: League membership needed

Contact Information

For more information about the garden: