front yards in bloom

Front Yards in Bloom

All Edmontonians are encourages to nominate neighbors who have been busy pruning, picking and planting in their yards, making our Neighbourhoods and our City beautiful.

Type of Front Yards

  • Front Yards In Bloom - An aesthetic front yard designed with textures, height, dimension, colours, and character. The planting and landscaping maximizes colour, bloom-time, groundcovers, cultivated beds and decorations. Landscape features also invite visitors to enjoy the beauty of the yard.
  • Natural Front Yard – a yard with a "natural" aesthetic, using native plants, limited pesticides and herbicides, and reduced water use.. Landscaping creates plant communities and local biodiversity. The top Natural Front Yard is selected by the Edmonton Naturalization Group.
  • Edible Front Yard – a yard incorporating edible fruits and plants into the landscape design. Landscaping includes everything from vegetables and grains to fruiting trees, berry bushes, or even mushrooms. The Edible Front Yard category was started in 2009 by Just Food Edmonton and is judged by Sustainable Food Edmonton.

Nominated yards can be identified by the bright yellow yard sign.

Program Goals

  • Recognizing gardening excellence in Edmonton;
  • Highlighting the front yards that make Edmonton beautiful;
  • Encouraging Edmontonians to appreciate the gardening of others;
  • Developing a friendly competitive spirit and encourage improvement;
  • Engaging Edmontonians that want to make Edmonton more beautiful; and
  • Raising awareness of Communities in Bloom.


Nominations can be made by: