Who to Contact

Idylwylde Community League Board Members

President: David James - president@idylwylde.org

Vice President: Matthew Langford - vp@idylwylde.org

Secretary: Mick Safruik - secretary@idylwylde.org

Treasurer: Pat Hanna - treasurer@idylwylde.org

Membership Chair: Fran Knight - membership@idylwylde.org

Facilities Chair: Vacant

Programs Chair: Corrina Mak - programs@idylwylde.org

Casino Chair: Michelle McDonnell - casino@idylwylde.org

SECLA Representative: Scott Mariciak - seclarep@idylwylde.org

Social Chair: Yulia Volyanskaya - social@idylwylde.org

Civics Chair: Lee Birkett - civics@idylwylde.org

Publicity Coordinator: Rachel White-Murray - publicity@idylwylde.org

Community Garden Coordinator: Vacant

Grants Coordinator: Kamila Moquin - grants@idylwylde.org

Web Developer: Sam Ibach - web@idylwylde.org

Interested in joining the board?

Idylwylde Community League Board members are elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) - usually held in early summer. All terms are for 2 years and members can be re-elected for a maximum of 3 terms. But you don’t have to wait for the AGM to get involved - we also have some non-elected positions, committees to join, and other ways you can get started right away! Contact league@idylwylde.org and check out our social media for more opportunities.